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From the Woman Who Is older Than She Looks:Discover The Japanese Miracle Ointment That Cleared My Skin Of Stretch Marks And Wrinkles Within 3Weeks

Are You Sad And Unhappy Beacause You Look Older Than Your Age As A result Of Those Ugly Wrinkles And Stretch Marks On Your Skin? Then You Want To Continue Reading...

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Dear Friend,

My name is Alero 42years Old, A beauty Addict Who battled with Wrinkles and Fine Lines(Stretch Marks) But now free from from the horrors of having an ugly skin.  Yes, am the lady right there in the pic without make-up.

I have actually been an advocate telling women to love their body irrespective of that ugly stretch mark or wrinkled skin as I thought it was something that was not reversible after wasting a lot of money just trying to get a solution to this very same problem.

Even though deep down, I really needed help because it was already affecting the way I relate with my husband in the bedroom of always having to turn off the light before anything happens cos I don’t want him to see those scary marks and my wrinkled face.


And having that look on his face that simply kills the moment.

Anyways, after wasting so much and accepting that there is no way I could get the result I wanted, I starting telling the same story to my friends to simply love their body like that.

Not until 10 months ago, when everything changed.

I met with a friend that I had not seen in a long time and during our chat, the topic came up, both been mothers we could easily relate and blame it on the kids.

When she eventually told me she had actually been able to get a simple and effective solution that actually helped her, I was happy.

I could not believe what I was hearing.

So I told her to show me and what I saw left me amazed. There was no trace of any stretch mark, even as a mother as we all know how those scars and lines can be and her face was as smooth as that of a baby. Most stunning thing is she is 55years old!

I told her I wanted what she was using, and she told me all about it as I would also show you as you read. But she told me one very important thing.

She said there were lots of fakes out there and one needed to be very careful when buying.

All I did was to tell her to link me directly to the person she contacted abroad who got her the cream.

And the rest they say is history with me

It Was Like Watching Myself Grow A Fresh New Skin

After years of battling with varied skin problems typical of a woman between 30-65 years of age, problems such as wrinkles on the forhead, crow's feet about the eyes, flabby sagging skin under chin, fine lines underneath my abdomen, armpit, buttocks and a dry skin, I had an amazing transformation in just 30 days of using this miracle ointment!

Within those 30days, I was watching those stubborn wrinkles on my forehead fade away until almost cleared and unlined as a baby's and then the sagging skin under my skin started to feel tighter and the fine lines(stretch marks) almost vanished. (These all happened within 30days!).

Finally, my complexion began to glow with such fresh vibrant youthfullness that I could hardly believe my eyes(before my very eyes, this miracle ointment has made me look 15years younger!)

A Doctor's Explanation To What Had Happened To Me

This was the explanation a doctor friend gave after my transformation "The amazing transformation you experienced may seem like a miracle to unscientific eyes , but it is really a simple, natural process based on medical facts scientists and doctors have long known and suspected...but only recently have finally proven true"

He then went further to explain:

"You see, as we age muscles and glads beneath our skin start to shrink in size. Instead of staying firm and taut(like in childhood). They grow soft and flabby and start to collapse. As they collapse, hollows, lines and wrinkles form and your skin starts losing it's elasticity and soon you are plaqued with those tell-tale lines and signs of age that broadcast your years to the world. What causes this skin tissue collapse? NOT a lack of moisture as you so often have been led to believe; because if only moisture was needed, you could simply rinse back the lost years of youth by merely washing your face with soap and water. NO it's not moisture, but a gradual diminished supply of essential nutrients your body is no longer able to supply to the tissues of your skin. In other words, your body literally starves your skin into aging"

Introducing The Miracle Ointment

Ecophy Snail Cream And AIM C24/7

If you haven't heard of snail oil, then I understand and that's because you're not a beauty fanatic like myself. I have always known snail oil for it's immense benefits on the skin but have not found it at my disposal not until my friend told me about this Ecophy Product.


Ecophy Snail Cream Cost N10,000

And I bought 4 pairs for N40,000 with a shipping fee of N6000 making a total of N46,000

Also bought C24/7 at N15000 making N60,000 for 4

Thats a total of N106,000 which lasted for 4months

Yes, I can do anything to have a perfect young looking skin. All I did was apply the cream as a mask and wash off after 20-30mins and take the C24/7 to work from the inside(will talk about this amazing product soon). This I did for 1 month to find my wrinkle, lines and crow's feet about the eyes disappearing.

Snail Oil On The Skin?

The benefits of snail oil have been recorded and studied by the Koreans since the 7th century, but these benefits were mainly obtained through ingestion of Snail oil.

In 1988, snail oil was approved as an official skincare ingredient in Japan, and the first topical snail oil product, Ecophy Snail OIl was created and sold in Japan. And in 2000, the ingredient gained international recognition and acceptance into the ICID, or the International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary.

In 2004, a Japanese research article, published in the Nishi Nihon Journal of Dermatology, Vol. 66; No. 6; pp 621-624 was published, documenting the benefits of topically applying horse oil to the skin.

"The moisturizing effect on the skin of snail oil that resembles the fatty acid composition of human sebum and contains a large amount of linoleic acid was investigated. Snail oil applied to seven healthy females was shown to increase water and oil content in the horny layer. Examination of the fatty acid composition of the oil remaining on the surface of the skin two hours after application revealed a clear decrease in linoleic acid content. The increase in water and oil content in the skin due to local application of snail oil was an important contribution to the structure of the skin to maintain its function as a barrier, mainly as a result of absorption of linoleic acid by the skin." 

So what does this all mean?

Well, since the composition of snail oil very much resembles the composition of the thin acidic lipid layer that coats the topmost layers of our skin, snail oil is able to absorb quickly and penetrate the skin, adding sustained moisture.

It also contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which has been rated a "cell-communicating" ingredient, helping cells to regulate and perform their normal functions. Linoleic acid also has been shown to help repair the skin-barrier and has some antioxidant (reduces oxidative stress to the skin, fights free radicals) and anti-inflammatory (calms skin) benefits to the skin.

And as the research quoted in the article above shows, the snail oil was able to show a statistically significant increase to the water and oil content of the skin.

Ultimately, this SAME snail oil can be used to reduce your wrinkles and make your face look fresh just as it did mine!Snail oil is a legendry “Beauty” ingredient used to look younger…..

Today, you are so lucky to be among the few women who will have access to the all new miracle working Snail oil cream that will make your skin look younger, fresh and even spotless!


See the Miracle on Mabel's face After 4weeks of using the Snail oil...

“With a Frequent Usage of This Snail Oil Cream and C24/7 , you are Guarantee to Look Sexy..Fell Sexy & Get a Lot of Compliments From Family, Friends and Even Enemies Too!”

BEST PART…·        

It Does Not Irritate the Skin·        

It Smells Nice·        

It’s Tender on You Skin

So it’s the BEST Weapon For Your Annoying Wrinkles


I currently have just 50pcs of this and for the first 50 persons, I am giving this out for N15,000

The snail cream is made from snail mucus, or slime as it is commonly called. Snail slime is the fluid that snails’ excrete that allows them to glide along and climb walls without falling. Snail slime has some unique medicinal properties that are used in various dermatologic conditions and products. However, these products are not common.

If you want to enhance your skin natural glow and fade fine lines quickly, then I urge you to combine this product.

I gave 3 friends of mine these 3 products and within a month all wrinkles and stretch marks were gone. It was indeed a miracle. Nothing like it!


The Unusual Hero Of The Asian Cosmetic Industry

The Korean cosmetic industry has quite a reputation for it's effectiveness, including the "unorthodox" methods and ingredients. Let's face it, does it really matter what you use on your face as long as it is 100% natural and harmless, and gives you exactly what you? Isn't it so?

How about I tell you some intriquing benefits of the unusual hero of the Asian cosmetic philosophy called -a snail?

Serving Your Beauty And Protecting Your Skin

There is no better protector of your skin in the entire animal kingdom than the tiny little snail. Don't worry sister, no one is going to put a living snail on your face. What's even more fascinating is no one is going to hurt a single snail in order to give you this beauty product. We are talking about the snails secretions which the snails don't need and you can use it to improve your skin appearance and it's chances against future unwanted damages.

Acne's Worst Enemy

Have you seen a snail with acne problem? same would work for you. Snail secretion has proven to have amazing effects on elimination and prevention of acne and acne scarring. It may sound funny but you can be rest assured it works perfectly.

The Fountain Of Youth And Moisture

The snail secretion has done miracles against unwanted skin's dryness and annoying hyperpigmentation. I'm more than convinced that you're going to look at snails differently a nd with admiration from now on ward.

No More Wrinkles

Daily use and application of products with snail secretion, even those with the smallest quantity of the secretion have shown positive effects in reducing fine lines and troubling wrinkles on the face and body.

The Elastic Youth

The tiny little snails can take care of the elasticity of your skin.

Are You Ready To Fade Out Those Wrinkles?

During my third month of using the Snail oil product, and C24/7, the result I got was massive; I discovered that every wrinkle, or fine line had completely disappeared! That I looked much younger that I was in my late 20s!

What's This C24/7 I am Talking About?

C24/7 is a  world-class and not just an ordinary product. Imported and made by: Nature’s Way U.S.A. using the latest technology  The product is proven to be effective by me and many others. Therefore the reorders are increasing because these are naturally food supplements and not some chemical drug that end up destroying your cells.This product is highly consumable by anyone from pregnancy to bonus age, they go into your cells and nourish them, replenishing your blood cells for optimal vitality.

And the best part is...

This product is approved by NAFDAC, FDA, and other health bodies

C24/7 works from the inside out because What causes this skin tissue collapse? NOT a lack of moisture as you so often have been led to believe; because if only moisture was needed, you could simply rinse back the lost years of youth by merely washing your face with soap and water. NO it's not moisture, but a gradual diminished supply of essential nutrients your body is no longer able to supply to the tissues of your skin. In other words, your body literally starves your skin into aging"

So C24/7 supplies your cells the basic nutrients while the snail oil works from the outside.

Watch The Video Below To Learn More About C24/7

I'm Not Trying To Bullshit You, So Straighten Up Your Face

I was once in same shoes and know how important it is to have your natural face on without covering it with heavy make ups  and how having people staring at your wrinkled face and fine lines affects self-confidence and self-esteem.

Having those ugly line and dry skin can really affect how you feel about yourself. It was causing huge confidence problems for me.

So needless to say, if you've ever felt embarrassed, insecure, or self-conscious because your fine lines and ugly wrinkles and have tried so many treatments/remedies and now feel like giving up...
I completely understand how you feel because it happened to me.

You're not alone, at all. And there's no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed or tired of trying.

I'm  telling you right now that there's something you can do about it. That's right... no matter how long or bad your lines and wrinkles have become... you can regain that youthful look and people will be amazed, thinking you just discovered the fountain of youth

It worked for me and over 25 other persons

Believe me, you don't need any exuberant facial surgery or magic pills to look young again as well as regain your sel-esteem and confidence. 

This Miracle Ointment And C24/7 Is All You Need...


The Price for products was N25,000







Now You Can Look Up To 15years Younger

Yes, whether you are only a woman of 30 who is first starting to disclose the first faint ravages of time or even a grandmother who never believed you could look young again, here is the miracle that modern science now offers you.

If you are in your thirties you will see all those aging effects of lines, wrinkles and crow's feet statrt to disappear and find the dry, sagging skin under the chin and neck start to appear smoother, fresher, tighter and tauter in a matter of days, and even if you are  50 or 60 years old, you will see the horrid aging effects of harsh, ugly lines at the nose and mouth begin to melt away not in months but  within 3-4weeks and you'll be astonished to have people think you are actually 15 to 20 years younger

No Side Effects...

Let me be very blunt – what I’m offering you is an all natural without harmful side effects. Let me say this again because it is important. This all-natural Solution has no side effects. It uses the body the way it was designed to be used to rejuvinate your cells and skin tissues

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